Air Defence-Electronic Warfare Systems

Counter Measures Dispensing System - CMDS

It was originally developed to meet the requirements of the Turkish Air Force. It has been tested, being used and is currently in mass production. CMDS is designed to protect its platform in a highly threatened environment. It is an intelligent system that uses expendable payloads such as Chaff and Flare to protect from threats and can be adjusted and programmed according to the threat. It provides protection against anti-aircraft systems, surface-to-air missile systems, air-to-air missile systems and airborne platforms.

Adjustment for threats is provided by user and programmer-generated task data files. It works in harmony with the Radar Warning System (RWR - Radar Warning Receiver) and Missile Warning System (MWR - Missile Warning Receiver) on the platform. Fully Turkish Made, so can be manufactured for more different aviation platforms also.