IPO provides professional services in the Helicopter and Airplane Unmanned Systems Weapon Systems Land Forces Aviation and Land Forces Subsystems Air Defence - Electronic Warfare Systems R-D Radar Absorbing Paints Situational Awareness Pad NDT Agricultural Materials Carbon and Special Metals Health Supplies Fertilizer and TALC

International Project Office (IPO) is a Project Management Company. For more than a quarter of a century, it has specialized in the supply and logistics support of NATO systems, equipment of the Former Soviet Union, new products, and spare parts for the products of these areas. In addition, it is the supplier of systems / subsystems and spare parts of all kinds of military or civil aircraft, ground support and land military vehicles.

IPO also carries out the maintenance and repair works of the needed products, systems and vehicles. IPO evaluates projects in Turkey and the surrounding countries, produces and renews projects according to the needs of the countries, users, agrees with system contractors and users, manufacturers according to the needs, and provides customer-oriented production and modernization.

With companies and government organizations who are the main system manufacturers and contractors; IPO works to ensure that new projects are produced on these platforms or to transfer /and upgrade projects to enable companies or/and Government Organizations to develop new military concepts. While acting in the line with the needs of the market, IPO carries out the activities of producing new concepts by marrying companies and organizations with projects by constantly learning and developing new technologies. Our company cooperates with national and international leading companies in the sector and prioritizes customer satisfaction.


To provide a perfect support and solution network to our customers by supporting technology development and producing projects that are ahead of the times.


To be one of the best one in our sector by delivering the products and projects we have developed or undertaken to many parts of the world.


With our professional team, we produce innovative and fast solutions to your needs and we provide perfect service with our wide service network.