International Project Office
( IPO )

Project Production and Management Firm


years of experience

For more than a quarter-century, it has specialized in NATO systems, ex-Soviet Union equipment, new products, and the supply and logistics support of spare parts of those country’s products..

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Parts and System Supply Capacity

It is also the supplier of the system/subsystem and spare parts of all kinds of military or civilian, aircraft, ground support, and ground military vehicles.


IPO also carries out the maintenance and repair of the desired products, systems, and vehicles.

National and international

Our company cooperates with national and international leading companies in the sector.


Military Systems

  • Helicopter / Aircraft Armouring, Maintenance, and Development Projects
  • Helicopter / Airplane Simulator Systems
  • Various Civil and Military Aircraft Renovation
  • Strategic Unmanned System
  • Tactical-Oriented Unmanned System
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle Projects
  • Unmanned Intelligent UAV
  • Air and Missile Defense Systems
  • Strategic Systems
  • Tank Armoring
  • Development of Passive Protection System
  • Smart Armored Vehicles
  • Intelligent Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Projects
  • Power Group Development
  • Tank Simulator Systems
  • Power Group Development Project
  • Re-Active Protection Systems
  • Light Armor Systems
  • Security of Oil Pipelines
  • Missile warning systems
  • Homeland Security Projects
  • Social Media Tracking Software
  • Seismic Sensors
  • Sensors
  • Information technologies
  • Advanced Materials
  • Energy Pollen
  • Avionics

Civil Solutions


Carbon and Other Special Metals