Radar Absorbing Paints

Various types of Radar Absorber Paints (RAP) as a result of R&D studies; land, sea, submarine, supersonic air platforms have been developed and turned into products to meet their environmental requirements. Completed the qualification of the first RAP product family of paint type for air platforms. Our RAP products have been applied to various land, sea, submarine, and supersonic air platforms. As a result of the applications, tests and field trials, it has been revealed that the Radar Cross-Section (RCS) values of the platforms and thus the competitive radar detection ranges can be reduced significantly, and the simulation methods developed have been confirmed.

RAPs applied directly on the platform surfaces do not have a serious effect on the restrictions on the maneuvering and operational capabilities on the platforms. The technological achievements obtained through these studies have contributed to the national and international literature and have been appreciated.

It is possible to obtain very high absorption values in a very wide frequency band with the newly developed dye. In addition to the superior electromagnetic performances of the developed paint, it is suitable for safe use in air and sea platforms due to its structure.